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Windows Only proudly features Milgard replacement windows and doors.

More than ever homeowners use the internet to research home remodeling projects. Recent studies show that the majority do considerable research online before contacting a remodeling company for a price quote. Today’s consumer typically knows what they want before they make that call!

How Much Will It Cost?

The one question that on everyone’s mind, is (unfortunately) the one piece of information you typically cannot get online:

“How much will it cost to replace my windows?”

Most window replacement companies refuse to give even the most basic pricing information via web or phone. Instead, they insist on scheduling an appointment to meet with a sales representative prior to giving any pricing information whatsoever.

It is true that some types of remodeling projects are so complex that it is impossible to give any substantive pricing information without a site visit. However, this is NOT the case with the vast majority of window replacement projects! Windows Only is a Portland based window replacement company, and we are committed to providing as much online pricing information as possible!

Why do most companies still insist on a “sales appointment” before providing pricing information?

There are two primary reasons.

#1 – Many remodeling contractors do not have the technical capability to do so, and/or they may not have a fully developed, precise or consistent bidding system. It does take a certain level of technical sophistication to provide relatively accurate pricing information via the web or email.

#2 – Most companies operate on a traditional “sales mentality” where the goal is to get a salesperson in front of you as early in the decision making process as possible. The theory is that this enhances your sense of obligation, and provides them the opportunity to help shape your decision making process to their benefit.

We are not saying that there is anything inherently wrong with a traditional sales appointment. In fact, most of our own customers still prefer to simply schedule a sales appointment with us after using our online tools. We are simply committed to giving our customers what they want.

  • If YOU want an in home consultation, we will schedule it.
  • If YOU want to get some ballpark pricing information from our web site, it is our job to make that information available.
  • If YOU want an email price quote based on information you provide, we will prepare it and send it to you.

We believe that it is our job to make as much information available to you as possible, and make access to that information as convenient as possible. We are confident in our prices, and our reputation. We prefer to let the information we provide speak for itself, and let you make your own informed decision about your remodeling project.


We strive to provide accurate pricing information via online methods (web site and email). Obviously any pricing information we give is based solely on the information provided, and assumes standard conditions exist. Pricing information provided via web or email shall not constitute a legally binding offer.

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