Window Pricing Information

Windows Only proudly features Milgard replacement windows and doors.

We are pleased to offer a variety of pricing options to our customers.
All quotes come with NO HASSLE or OBLIGATION and are completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Window Pricing Information

In Home: An experienced sales consultant to visit your home. Your consultant will go over product information with you, and will provide samples and brochures. He will also measure your existing windows, inspect the installation methods and conditions, and will produce a precise price quote. Our sales staff do not engage in any high pressure sales tactics!

By Email: These days, more customers do considerable research online. We are please to offer the option of quoting by email. Simply measure your existing windows, and fill out an online form with the window types and sizes. We will then provide a quote by email.

By Phone: Our friendly phone staff is available to assist you with general questions about products or pricing. You may request a phone consultation time be clicking the button to the left, or feel free to call us directly at 503-657-8439 (during normal office hours).

Immediate Online Pricing Information Options

Ballpark Pricing*: Fill in some general information about your project and get a general idea of what the project will cost.

Example Based Pricing*: Look through some examples of actual jobs we have done in the past and find one that is comparable to your project to get a pretty good idea of what the project will cost.

* These options are designed to give general pricing information, and are by no means to be construed as official price quotes for your project.

Our Pricing Philosophy:

Windows Only has been a pioneer in the Portland, OR window replacement market for two decades. Our impeccable reputation is largely due to our commitment to providing straightforward and honest window replacement pricing information to our customers. We do not use games, tricks or gimmicks. We do not engage in any high-pressure sales tactics or techniques.

Our approach is one of consultation, not sales. We keep it simple by freely providing information about products and pricing. The customer makes their own decisions based on what is best for them.

In recent years we have seen significant changes in the way customers shop for home improvement projects. More than ever customers do research online. Rather than playing the “our salesman has to meet you to give you any price information” game, we simply apply our pricing philosophy to the Internet. We provide as much information as possible, with as little hassle as possible. If you don’t want to talk to anyone, you are free to use our web site tools. If you want a phone consultation, or email quote, we are happy to provide this free service as well. Obviously the more information we have about your project, the more accurate the pricing information will be, but we are happy to provide as much information as possible.

Whether you decide to move forward with a project next month, next year, or in 5 years, our goal is to get you the pricing information you need today. If/when you do move forward with your project we hope you remember us, and give us the opportunity to earn your business.

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