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How Different Window Styles Hold Up in the Portland Weather

Portland is a fantastic location. With Mt. Hood less than a couple hours drive away, lakes and forest all around, and the Oregon coast just down the highway, you can’t get a much better area. Portland has become a very desired place to live for its geographic location and its beauty. The city is vibrantly colored, abundant with green forest, grasses and plant life all sharing the landscape with us. If you’re upgrading your windows, it’s important to take the climate into consideration. As your best option for Portland window companies, we know there are many types of windows offered, so it’s important to be aware of our local climate and how different styles of windows will react to the weather.


The charming color of the city’s surroundings comes from the climate. Portland is known to have warm, dry summers and cool, damp winters. We infrequently experience extreme temperatures and rarely get much snow. Even though Portland can be considered a wet place for many months out of the year, among the three Pacific Northwest sister cities, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, it still gets the least amount of rainfall of the three. Even more surprising, Portland gets fewer inches of total rainfall a year than almost every city east of the Mississippi river. The difference is that our rain seems to come as a consistent, light drizzle, making for a higher number of days of measurable rainfall each year.

As your best resource for Portland window installation, we always take into account the local weather when considering your most optimal window choices. Here are how different window styles will protect your home from the elements.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are strong, light, and pretty much maintenance free. They’re very practical in rainy, humid climates, and because of their strength they’re great for withstanding extreme weather like storms or hurricanes. Among the other choices of windows, aluminum conducts the heat least well. We make sure to use the highest quality products which combats any poor insulation of the material by including a thermal break in between the inside and outside of the surfaces to keep a strong material yet improve energy-efficiency.

Wood Windows

Wood is the best insulating material for windows. However, because of their sensitivity to expanding and contracting with changes in the weather, this means for more required upkeep as compared to other types of windows. They’re not recommended for extremely rainy or humid climates because of their potential for rot. If maintained thoroughly, well constructed wood windows made from high quality material can last a long time.


Wood-clad windows are usually a combination of materials, such as a vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass exterior and a wood interior. The exterior vinyl or aluminum windows protect against the outdoor elements while being lower-maintenance, and the wood interior provides better aesthetic appeal and insulation. This keeps your home well insulated while protecting from wood rot and the hassle of regular upkeep.


Vinyl is a very efficient style of window. If manufactured well, a properly installed vinyl window is highly energy efficient, reducing air leakage through tight construction and insulated glass. The material is very low maintenance and stands up well to the outdoor elements. The only downside is they usually come in a small amount of color selections.


Fiberglass windows are great replacement for wood since they expand and contract very little with weather changes. Also like wood, they can be painted different colors if you choose to and don’t need regular sanding, painting and upkeep like wood does. Fiberglass is also a lower-maintenance material and a great insulator.

Make Sure to consider these factors when selecting the style of new windows for your home, and get the most professional job done with us, your best source for Portland window installationContact us today for a free quote or to answer any questions you have. We would be thrilled to help you out with any of your current window needs.

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