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Operating in the Portland area for over 20 years has provided us with the opportunity to build relationships with a great deal of the Portland residents and business owners that call this city home, and we couldn’t be happier. Here are a few things you can expect (or wont expect) to see when looking out your windows in the Portland area.

Portland Oregon Window Company

As Oregon’s largest city, Portland is located close to everything you could want, from outdoor activities on Mt. Hood and the Oregon Coast, to the wide variety of restaurants and independent breweries that pepper the Portland area.

Oregon is known for its lush green forests and landscapes. This doesn’t happen by accident. In order to maintain this beauty our plants and trees require rain, a lot of rain. During our fall, winter and spring months we get on average 40 inches of rain a year. All this rain can sometimes do lots of damage and funny things to windows, doors and skylights. This is why we specialize in so many different types of window and door designs so that we can find the best solution for your needs, whether it be repairs, replacements or redesigns we have the tools and expertise to handle the job quickly and efficiently.

Take a glance to the east; chances are your gaze will be met by the beauty of Mt. Hood, Portland’s closest mountain. The mountain offers world class skiing and snowboarding all year round at Timberline Lodge and a plethora of other outdoor activities throughout the year. From mountain biking to a vast array of hiking trails as well as numerous lakes to fish on and campgrounds to enjoy, Mt Hood is the heart of Portland’s active lifestyle.

Stuck in the office downtown? Don’t worry; there are plenty of random happenings to help spice up your workday.

The Naked Bike Ride is one of Portland’s most notorious gatherings. Drawing in an annual crowd of around 10,000, this streaker-palooza celebrates the human body in all its shapes and sizes by going for an 8 mile bike ride through the downtown area.

Before the advent of the automobile residents mainly used horses as their main source of transportation and would use rings bolted into the sidewalk to tie their horses so they would stay in one place. The Horse Project was started in 2005 by an anonymous Portlander living in the Woodstock District of Portland. Many people started tethering miniature toy horses to the rings as a sort of impromptu urban art installation celebrating Portland’s history. The tradition has been welcomed and grew throughout the city. You never know where you may see one.

There’s not much to be said when you look out your window and see a man wearing a Darth Vader mask & kilt riding a unicycle while playing a bagpipe that is shooting flames into the air. Known as The Unipiper he is one of Portland’s most notorious oddities. Randomly cycling the streets of Portland he has been featured on many shows including The Jay Leno Show, to Good Morning America and has quite an avid following on Social Media as well.

Along with our love of the city we are also deeply devoted to the concepts of sustainability and conservation are things we take very seriously. Properly insulated doors, windows and skylights will not only help you reduce your heating and cooling bills, it will also help reduce the increase of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere through a reduction in your homes carbon footprint. By taking small steps and making small improvements to your home you can contribute to big changes in the long run.

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