Winter: The Best Time For A Window Replacement Project
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In general, exterior remodeling projects tend to be a seasonal business. Window replacement projects are no exception. Most people do these types of projects in the summer or early fall, making 7 months of the year (between April and October) the peak season. During this busy season, manufacturers shift their production lines into high gear, installation schedules fill, and lead times increase. Conversely, in the winter things slow down, lead times are shorter, scheduling delays are far less common, and many companies struggle to keep their crews busy.

For some types of remodeling projects this is unavoidable. However window replacement does NOT fall in this category. Window installations can be easily done year round, and in almost any weather condition. Instead of shying away from work in the winter, Windows Only has chosen to specialize in them by developing special techniques, and offering discounts to customers who choose to take advantage of a winter installation. We invite you to join hundreds of homeowners who have saved money, and experienced just how easy a winter installation can be when you hire Winter Window Installation Experts to do the job right.

Myths About Winter Window Replacement:

Myth: You shouldn’t replace windows when it is raining.
Fact: When properly installed, rain alone has little or no affect on the window replacement process. The only weather conditions of serious concern are ice, snow, and/or heavy wind, and often these conditions only affect certain locations in the Portland area. Throughout the course of an Oregon winter, only a handful of days are truly unsuitable for most window installation jobs.

Myth: My house will be open to the elements for days during window replacement.
Fact: Even in the summer we replace only one window at a time, and each window opening is only exposed for a couple minutes. During inclement weather our winter installation experts take the extra precaution of covering the opening with plastic so that even for those few minutes of exposure, heat loss is minimized, and moisture is contained.

Myth: Winter window installation is wet and dirty
Fact: The vast majority of the work performed is from the exterior of the home. Regardless of the time of year and the ground conditions, our installers leave your home clean and free of debris.

Advantages of Winter Window Replacement

  1. Price: Our installers are the best in the business and we are committed to keeping them busy year round. Our solution to the winter slow time is to offer customers winter discounts of 5-10% lower than our already low prices in the “peak season”. See here for more details.
  2. Lead Time: We can typically do a project (from contract signing to completion) 2-3 weeks faster in the winter. This is due to shorter lead times with Milgard as well as our own installation schedule being more open.
  3. Better Service: We maintain the highest standards of customer service and quality 365 days a year. However, it is undeniable that the busier we are, the more challenging this can be, so by definition errors are less likely in the winter than during our peak season.
  4. Immediate Results: Winter time is when you will enjoy the biggest benefits of having new, energy efficient windows. Increased comfort and reduced heating bills are more important in the winter, and it is the time of the year you will experience the most dramatic difference between the day before, and the day after installation.

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