Energy Efficiency of New Windows
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How New Windows Can Save You Energy Costs During the Summer Months

Windows can be one of the first places a home loses its temperate air, and it can also be one of the best places to increase energy efficiencies. Getting the best Portland window replacement for your home will be an investment that saves you money in the long run. It costs money to heat and cool your house, and newer windows will keep air from fluctuating in and out of your home so you can keep your desired temperature without using additional energy. Here are a few ways upgrading your windows can save you money in the long run.


Create a natural ventilation system

If you’re home has newer, high-efficiency windows, they’ll work much better for sealing in that cool air and not letting it seep out through window leaks and other inefficiencies. When it cools off at night, you can use your windows to trap that night time cool air. Open your windows before bedtime to let the cool air in, and in the morning close those windows to create a natural ventilation system which keeps the cool air indoors.


Efficient Air Conditionings

Once you’ve upgraded your old windows, you can use your A/C more efficiently. If you have an air conditioning system for the summer weather, well insulated windows play a big role in keeping your system running efficiently. If your home has older windows, some of that precious A/C air can be leaking out of the older sealing.


Protecting From the Sun’s Rays

Newer, more energy efficient windows shield your home better from the summer heat. Most Energy Star certified windows will significantly reduce the heat that’s allowed into your home from the sun’s rays and outside heat, much more than standard, double-pane windows. Energy Star certified windows have coatings that actually keep out the summer heat from your house, and act like a giant sunscreen to your home, reflecting the heat without keeping out any of the natural light.

Portland Window Repalcement

Energy Trust Rebates & Tax Incentives

A Portland window replacement company can help you save money on energy costs, but there are other organizations that can help you save in other ways, too. Energy Trust is a nonprofit organization in Oregon that offers cash incentives for qualifying energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects in homes and other businesses.

You must apply for an Energy Trust cash incentive by filling out an application and attaching all receipts or supporting documents within 90 days of the home installation. If your application is accepted, you should receive a check within 6 – 8 weeks afterwards.

This includes various home projects that improve energy-efficiency, including window upgrades that are Energy Star qualified windows. These windows are specifically designed to be highly efficient, reducing condensation, air leaks and drafts. Not only will you be saving money on your energy bills, but you’ll be getting a cash incentive for your upgrade. For more information check out

Tax credits are also available for upgrading to Energy Star certified windows. When you file your taxes the credit will decrease the amount of taxes owed or increase the refund you receive. For more information head to the Energy Star website

If you’re interested in upgrading your home’s energy efficiencies this summer, check out your source for the best Portland window replacement at








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