What To Do About Drafty Windows
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Something we hear a lot are questions about solutions to drafty windows. Now of course we might be a little biased about replacing your windows as that is what we do, but the fact is sometimes there are other options. Most of these are short term solutions to long term problems, but if you’re just not quite ready to tackle the Portland window replacement project in your home, then these might be options that could work for you.

1.) Window insulation kit – You can find one of these at virtually any hardware store, or online. This is essentially a large piece of shrink wrap for your windows. You will likely have to have someone help you with the installation. Fair warning about this option, it will give your windows a shrink wrapped look. However it will do the job of cutting down on your heat loss due to drafty windows during the winter.

2.) Caulking – They make window specific caulking that dries almost perfectly clear. Most people think all the drafts are coming from the windows themselves. But a good portion of the drafts could be coming from the framing around the windows too. Take the caulk and run a bead around the window. You can also grab an exterior caulk and run it around the outside. You should instantly notice a reduction in drafts. I like this option because it could potentially fix your drafts permanently without creating an eye sore. However, you will still notice drafts around the window sashes, so you will still have some draft problems.

3.) Draft snakes – Barely an option. You put the cloth “snake” at the bottom of your window. You will notice a lot of people use these for their drafty doors. The problem with the draft snake is that it will only prevent drafts at the sill of the window. You still have three sides to worry about not to mention the window sashes. Again, barely an option.

4.) Rubber sealing strips – Sealing strips are easy to use and will definitely prevent drafts. However, odds are if you are using the sealing strips, they are going to be sticking to your windows or inside trim for a few months. By the time you go to rip them off, you will have a sticky residue that is a nightmare to get off. And, like many of the options, sealing strips will undoubtedly provide you a “tacky” look to your windows.

5.) Replace your windows – What did you expect? We are a window replacement company after all.  If your windows are giving you that many problems…it’s time to replace them! With a quality window and quality installation, you can virtually eliminate drafts and give your house a nice new look. Plus, with the advancements in glass packages, you can really end up with a window that will save you money in the long run. You will have to invest some money now and count on the savings over the years to earn your money back. But in my biased opinion, replacing your windows is the best option.


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