Get More From Your Windows

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Just imagine living in a house with no windows. No natural sunlight, no view, and no natural heating in the summer. It would be like living in a cave. However necessary they may be, there is a downside to having windows. They account for about 10% to 25% of your heating bill by allowing heat to escape from your home during the colder months. In the summer, your air conditioner has to work extra hard to cool the hot air radiating from your windows. There are plenty of things you can do to make your windows more energy efficient. Of course you could replace your old windows with newer, more energy efficient models, But try some of these other tips as well. One thing you can do in the summer months to ease the load on your A/C unit is to use shades and curtains to keep your windows from getting heated by the sun. In the colder months, you can also tape a clear plastic sheet over the inside of your windows to prevent heat loss. Installing exterior or interior storm windows also helps, and can reduce heat loss by as much as 50%. If you live in a home with single-pane windows, you may want to consider upgrading to to a newer more energy efficient double-pane window. They are much more efficient and look just as good. If you live in a colder climate, it’s a good idea to get gas-filled windows because they are great at reducing heat loss. For warmer climates, you can buy spectrally selective windows that reduce heat gain. Windows Only is a highly trusted company that specializes in Portland residential window replacement. Replacing old and worn windows can actually save you money over time in energy bills, and can also make your home a more comfortable place during any...

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Types Of Windows

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  The info-graphic above shows just a few of the different kinds of windows  that we offer at Windows Only. These include Double Hung Windows, Sliding Glass Doors, French Doors, Casement Windows, Picture Windows, Bay Windows, Radius Windows, Hoppers and Awnings. At Windows Only we carry only the best products from industry leading manufacturers and we take pride in making sure that every install is done correctly the first time, that is why we offer a lifetime labor warranty.  Our team of trained expert technicians work fast and efficiently ensuring that you get the best product for your money without the hassle of waiting or dealing with less than professional work. We have been serving the entire Portland Metro Area for over 20 years. We take pride in being one of the top Portland Window Replacement companies. Let us show you what make us different from the...

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Energy Effecient Windows

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Fall Projects With winter just around the corner, many homeowners will want to complete their window replacement projects before the cold weather sets in this year.  The vast majority of savings from energy efficiency improvement projects will be realized during the winter months. Replacing single pane, aluminum, or outdated wood windows with new energy efficient Milgard vinyl windows is a very wise investment, with a very good return. Windows Only is a certified Milgard window installer, and a trade ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon.  Qualifying projects will be eligible for cash incentives for window replacement projects.  Current rebates offered by the Energy Trust of Oregon range from $2.25 (for U-Value of .30 or better) to $3.50 (for U-Value of .25 or better) per square foot of windows replaced.   Due to the sudden increase in volume that typically occurs in the fall, our Portland window installation experts find themselves very busy this time of year.  Not only can window manufacturing lead times increase substantially, but our installation schedule can fill up pretty fast.  To insure your Portland window replacement project can be completed before the holidays, and before the winter cold sets in, we recommend getting an early start.   We offer a variety of online pricing options including price comparisons with actual jobs, phone consultations, email bidding, as well as in home consultations.  Our goal is to provide you as much window pricing information as possible with the least hassle.  We are pleased to offer product only packages for the do it yourself homeowner, as well as complete window sales and...

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Portland Window Replacement

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Windows Only is a certified Milgard Window Deal & Installer serving the entire Portland Metro Area. Whether you are looking to replace your old windows or simply have some questions about the process we are here to help. We believe that the process of upgrading your old windows should be as hassle free as possible. That is why we offer several options when it comes to getting pricing for your new Milgard Window Installation.  We are one of the few companies who offers true, accurate online pricing. With some simple measurements and a few minutes of your time, we can give you an accurate window replacement quote. We truly embrace the “no pressure” sales philosophy.  Like every other Portland Window Replacement Company, we still have estimators who can come to your house and talk to you about your options, and take the measurements to get you a quote. But with the ever increasing popularity of the internet and the lack of time that most people face these days, what better way to put your computer to work for you. We carry the full line of Milgard Windows and Codel Entry Systems. There is no job too small or too large for Windows Only. We have been serving the Portland Metro Area for over 20 years, and have not only gained the Milgard Certification, but have received the Angie’s List Superior Service award 3 years running.   Your home is your largest investment and we know that you take that responsibility seriously, and so do we!  We offer a lifetime warranty on all Milgard Window Installations. Choosing the highest quality replacement windows means nothing if you do not also choose experienced window installers. Contact the Portland window replacement experts at Windows Only to ensure the job gets done properly. New windows enhance a homes comfort and beauty, improve safety and security, reduce noise pollution, and will substantially increase resale value. As compelling as these benefits are, they are becoming secondary to the primary reason most homeowners consider a window replacement project: Energy...

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